Step 1: Go to your Fire Box settings page located at the top of the home menu scroll right and choose device. Step 2: Move down to developer options and set apps from unknown sources to ON and accept the warning message about installing external apps. Its safe for this app its only external. Step 3: Open the amazon app store on your Fire TV and search for the word downloader and then install the program. Step 4: After it is finished installing open downloader and in the url field type Step 5: It will ask for you to input store code (34236997) Step 6: Once done, click play button next to the app and click install
Step 1: Open the web browser on you device and type in Step 2: you will select download filelined Step 3: Once downloaded it will ask you for a store code. Ours is (34236997) Step 6: Once done, click play button next to the app and click install (at log in if it ask for any name you can just put TV)
This is mainly used for computers and laptops. Also works with Xbox One via the edge browser. To watch the hosting through a browser, simply goto From here you can login in and start using the service. (No Video On Demand with webplayer)
Devices must use third party apps to access our tv service. There are 2 different apps that can be used and they both are available in the App Store. The first one is called Smarters and is the preferred app to use. Simply download this app and open it up. Enter your login details and for the url that you need to enter, input – The 2nd app that can be used with iOS devices is called GSE Smart . You download this app from the App Store as well and open it. You will need to hit the menu key on top left and then select “Xtream-Codes API”. Next you want to hit the red plus symbol. Now simply enter a name, you login details and for the url enter Then select done. This will add your named account to the list and you can select it from the list to login and start using the hosting service.